The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

3 Types Of Slot Machine Bonus Games At Casinos

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When you visit a casino, a slot machine offers one of the main ways to gamble. Slot machines have gone through many changes over the years and a majority of them are now video-based slot machines. Bonus games offer one of the main ways to win big on the slot machines. When you play a slot, you will find multiple bonus games.

Each bonus game depends on the machine. Check out three of the more common bonus games and how you play each one.

1. Free Spins

When you match certain symbols on a slot machine, you have a chance to unlock free spins. You can find a free spin bonus on several slot machines, even machines with other bonus options. A free spin bonus grants you a set amount of spins that automatically play and award you with credits.

On some free spins, you could earn a multiplier bonus that expands the prize. In other free spins, you may have locked in wild spots that help you match up more rows. As the free spins go on, the total bonus win accumulates on the bottom of the screen.

2. Big Wheels

On the top of many slot machines, you may notice a giant wheel. The bonus wheel could have a general theme or a pop-culture design like the game show Wheel of Fortune. The wheels are not used for regular spins, but provide an exciting bonus when activated. The wheels usually feature money amounts.

The wheel spins once activated and you win the total amount of credits on the screen. Some slot machines may feature multiple wheels that give you access to each one as you build up through the bonuses. In some cases, you may get a single wheel spin, and in others, you may earn multiple spins.

3. Mystery Boxes

A slot machine could transform the main interface to load a touch-screen interactive slot game on the screen. A majority of the games will use a mystery box style format. In the format, you would tap a set number of boxes to reveal a hidden prize amount behind the box. The boxes often reflect the theme of the slot machine.

For example, if you play a sports-themed slot machine, then you would choose from an array of balls to tap on. The dollar amounts behind each ball vary and allow you to increase the total bonus prize.

Examine slots closely before you start to play to see all of the bonus amounts available and ways to win big at a casino resort.


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