The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

Protecting Your Vinyl Records From Common Sources Of Damage

Philip Freeman

There are many music lovers that prefer the sound that is produced by a vinyl record. These individuals may prefer this sound, but they may not know how to care for these records to minimize the wear that they experience.

Use A Vinyl Brush To Remove Dust From The Album

Your vinyl records will start to develop a large amount of dust on them, and this will interfere with the quality of the sound that the vinyl album will produce. Unfortunately, cleaning the record can be fairly dangerous if you do not have the right tools because you can easily scratch it. To keep your album clean and free of damage, you should invest in a vinyl brush. These brushes are designed to be soft enough to avoid damaging the grooves in the vinyl while still removing the dust that could have collected.

Keep The Vinyl In Protective Cases

A common reason for vinyl record damage is due to individuals failing to keep them in protective cases. This can contribute to the records cracking, warping or experiencing numerous other damages that could interfere with the music that you hear. A protective case for each of your vinyl records can be extremely effective at preventing this damage from occurring while also keeping the album cover's artwork protected from staining, fading and scratches. These are important benefits for individuals that are interested in selling the records in the future as well as those that simply like listening to them. Luckily, these protective cases are inexpensive, and this can make it affordable to keep spares available so that you can quickly protect any new albums that you may buy for your collection.

Regularly Clean The Stylus Of Your Record Player

Another source of damage to vinyl records that can be easily avoided is scratching from the record player's stylus. Most often, this is the result of the stylus becoming dirty, which can result in it dragging the dirt across the surface of the record in a way that leaves deep gashes. Cleaning the stylus of the record player every couple of weeks can be essential for preserving the albums in your collection along with maximizing the audio quality that your record player is able to provide. Fortunately, the process of cleaning this stylus will be short and easy so that you may find it only takes you a matter of minutes to be able to clean this critical part of the record player.

Whether you have horror motion picture soundtrack vinyl collections or music collections, these tips can help.


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