The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

Humorous Team-Building Workshops May Be Perfect For Advertising Firms

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A sales team needs to work together cohesively to come up with brilliant marketing campaigns. Members must spend many hours working together, and they maintain a bond that allows them to be honest with one another. Marketing history shows that humorous commercials and other advertisements can connect with audiences. Humor that falls flat, however, won't work. So, it becomes necessary for team members to tell others that a joke isn't working, or that a concept may be offensive. Team-building exercises could help develop the professional relationships that become more agreeable to criticism. If the person running the team-building workshop integrates humor into the presentation, he or she might bring smiles to everyone's faces and productivity to the office.

Team-Building and Conveying Criticism

Team-building seminars often involve activities where team members break up into small groups. The smaller teams find themselves completing a task. In an advertising firm, a group of twelve might break up into four teams of three. The smaller groups may be required to come up with a short, funny advertising slogan for indoor cat food. Indoor cat food isn't known for making people laugh, so humorous tag lines require creativity. If a team only has five minutes to come up with something, they must work quickly and accept rapid criticism if something isn't working. Soon after, the entire team may review what everyone came up with. Of course, that presents another opportunity for constructive criticism. Unfortunately, not everyone handles criticism well, which should be an issue addressed during the team-building workshop. The right leader could encourage positive attitudes and deliver results.

Adding Another Level of Humor

If the person running the workshop knows when and where to be humorous, the approach may guide attendees towards the right attitude. People might find it difficult to become angry when they are laughing or in an upbeat mood. When the leader understands how to infuse humor into the event, then the audience might not become too upset when facing criticism. Granted, no one knows how someone will react to a critique, but odds are a somber atmosphere won't take any edge off.

The Right Way to Be Humorous

Team-building works best when it is both informative and enjoyable. Adding humor to the mix makes things fun, but the humor can be excessive. Bringing a skilled and funny workshop expert improves the chances that things will go right. And, hopefully, the team works better and is funnier.

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