The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

Promote Your Band With A Community Performance

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If you and a few of your closest friends would like to start a band and perform for community members in order to promote each group member's musical talents, the following tips will assist with planning and hosting an event that will be entertaining for all who attend.

Purchase Or Rent Equipment

Purchase or rent musical instruments, audio equipment, and lights from a business that offers concert equipment.  Before hosting an event for the public, consider where you would like to hold the gathering. If you opt to hold a performance in your back yard, erect a canopy or tent over the chosen spot so that equipment will not be at risk of being damaged from sunlight or rain. Otherwise, reserve an indoor venue and decide where you would like to set up a stage and viewing section.

If you are going to be providing your guests with a seating area, rent or purchase chairs from a party supply business and make arrangements to have the chairs dropped off prior to the public performance.

Make A Studio And Create A Playlist And Advertising

Empty out a garage or shed to use as a makeshift studio. Place a table and chairs in one corner of the studio so that you and your band members can sit down while discussing musical selections and any changes that need to be made while performing a song, prior to practicing. Decide upon a playlist for the concert and practice the songs on a daily basis until everyone is comfortable performing their parts.

Print a list of the song selections on a piece of paper and make copies of the list so that one can be handed out to each person who arrives for the concert. Advertise for the concert by hanging flyers around town or by designing an advertisement and having it printed in a local newspaper or posted on social media sites.

Offer Shirts, Snacks, And Beverages

Purchase t-shirts that have your band's name printed on them and sell them prior to the concert. When people arrive for the performance, welcome each person to sit down and relax while you and your band members tune up the instruments that are going to be played.

Fill a couple coolers with ice before placing bottled and canned beverages on top of the ice. Place a variety of snacks in large baskets. Set the coolers and baskets on top of a table that is near the seating section and allow guests to help themselves to drinks and food items throughout the musical performance. If people enjoy the concert, they may be likely to inform their friends about the performance that they attended and you may have a good chance of attracting more people to future musical performances that you offer. 


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