The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

Offer Skill, Chance, And Endurance Games During A Corporate Carnival

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Carnival games that require skill, chance, and endurance can be used during your indoor/outdoor corporate carnival. Rent interactive equipment and set up individual play areas for each game category.


An inflatable canopy or a fabric overhang can be used to hold multiple skills games. A ring toss, balloon darts, or a shooting gallery are some common skill games. If you rent an all-in-one setup that includes the canopy and games, the inflatable will already contain partitioning that will allow for quick setup. This type of canopy will be long in length and will contain a walk-up area that your guests will have access to and interior chambers where game equipment and prizes will be placed.

If you decide to create a custom game booth, use a fabric awning as the roof of the booth. Place a few tables and portable wall partitions under the awning. From here, you can designate each partitioned area for one of the skill games.


Chance games give everyone the same odds of winning. A large wheel that can be spun to attempt to win a prize and an artificial duck pond that contains plastic ducks that may or may not be marked as prize pieces are two chance games that are self-explanatory. Offering these games will allow you to serve many contestants within a short timeframe.

Assign one person to oversee each game. Allow each participant to attempt each game an equal amount of times. If you want to use a more organized approach, prepare a ticket system that will require your guests to prepay for each game and turn in tickets when they would like to play the games. 


A strength game that involves using a rope to climb up a steep incline or a jousting or surfing competition will be fun to compete in and observe from the sidelines. If you choose to offer a climbing game, rent a rock wall or an inflatable that contains a dome top, ropes, and safety harnesses. If you choose to offer a jousting competition, rent equipment that contains a shockproof base, soft cushioned beams, and protective gear.

If you choose to offer a surfing competition, rent a self-contained surfing area that features a wave maker and a board for each competitor to balance on. A surfing competition will require that you have access to a water source. Music, lighting, and a seating area can be utilized during any of the endurance competitions. For more information, contact a company that provides games for corporate events.


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