The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

Three Tips To Help You Book A Modeling Job

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When it comes to booking modeling jobs, regardless of the job's size, it can be challenging. This is particularly true if you are a newcomer to the scene. It is even more challenging if you are rejected. However, there are a few ways that you can increase your chances of getting the job. Here are three tips that should give you a leg up on your competition.

Dress the Part

When you go on a go-see, you are going on an audition. While many may say that dressing the part is completely unnecessary, the truth of the matter is that first impressions count. You need to let those in the industry see that you are able to fit into the role of the job. However, it is possible to go overboard in dressing the part. For instance, if the go-see is for a gig as a physician, you don't need to wear scrubs, paper booties on your shoes, and a stethoscope. However, you do need to look nice in slacks and a dress shirt or a sophisticated dress.

Avoid Rushing

More often than not, you will have paperwork to fill out upon arrival at the go-see. They need your contact information, as well as your agent's information, your sizes, your age, your previous work history, etc. Make sure to take your time in filling all of this out, as it could come back to haunt you if you don't. In other words, it could keep you from getting the part.

If you do not have a set appointment time, wait until you are 100 percent ready to sign in. While you wait, take in the room and see if there is anything that can prepare you for how you should appear in the ad. If there are other ads in the room that may be similar to the ad that you are auditioning for, study them well before going back.

Ask the Right Questions

Once you are called back, it's all or nothing. You have done everything you can to prep for this go-see.  However, there is one last thing that you can do to stand out when your photos get in front of the industry professionals: ask questions—the right ones. Ask the photographer what he or she is looking for and why. You may only know slight details, but knowing more in-depth details about the advertisement can help you dig deep into your soul and bring out the proper emotion that will create amazing photos. Specific emotions are much better than generic looks.

For more information about modeling, contact a model booking service near you.


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