The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

How To Use A Stage On A Flatbed Truck

Philip Freeman

There are many different types of portable stages that may appeal to you, but one option is to use a stage on a flatbed truck. You can choose the size of truck based on the nature of your event, and then get to work thinking about how you'll incorporate this portable stage into the event that you're planning. Here are some pointers on how to effective use a portable stage on a flatbed truck.

Set It up in Private

The big benefit of choosing to use a portable stage for your event is that you're able to freely move it around. There are many reasons that doing so can be appealing, including your ability to fully set up the stage and then move it to where you want it. On-stage setup for lots of events takes a long time, and you may not always want people watching the setup process as it could reduce some of the impact of the show starting. For example, in the case of an outdoor music production, you may want to surprise your audience with the look of the stage. To do so, you should set up the stage in a private area where your audience cannot see it.

Move It Into Place

Moving a portable stage that is set up on a flatbed truck is theoretically easy, but you'll need consider lots of elements to make sure that this part of the event goes smoothly. Namely, you need a clear route for the truck to move. It's not practical to have the truck attempt to drive slowly through a crowd with people moving out of the way. Rent some crowd barriers or other types of fences that you can set up to provide a route for the truck to drive. You'll want these barriers to run from where you're setting up the truck to where it will sit for the event to begin.

Move the Stage Afterward

It can often make sense to move the stage out of the way as soon as the on-stage portion of your event is finished. Doing so has a few advantages. For starters, your staff can start to take down the elements that they previously set up on the stage, which may not be possible or practical if the stage remains where it sat for the production. Additionally, the removal of the stage — and the subsequent removal of the barriers by your staff — can free up more space for your event attendees to move around.


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