The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

Three Tips For Planning A Zen Wedding Outside

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Many people love to enjoy nature. Going hiking, finding large fields to walk through, and spending time near creeks and streams are enjoyable activities for those who find the outside calming and emotionally grounding. If you and your fiance enjoy the out of doors, holding your wedding in an outside venue will be an easy conclusion. The issue with having your wedding outside is that there is more to plan for than an interior venue. Here are a few features to plan for if you wish to have a zen wedding outside. 

Find a space with a water feature

A zen environment typically has a water feature. This can be a small koi pond with fish gently splashing around inside or it can be a small waterfall that leads into a lake. Look for outside wedding locations that host a water feature. some of these places may be local parks, local vineyards, golf courses, and country clubs. Scout out space personally to make sure that you can host a wedding near the feature for a calming effect. Be sure that the feature is not so loud that it will overpower the voices during the ceremony. 

Set up a green wall

One feature that you may want to have at your wedding that is designed specifically for you is a green wall. This can go behind you and your fiance as the backdrop while you are saying your vows during the ceremony. The wall should be made entirely of greenery or flowers. Select your favorite zen plant together with your intended and have a flower or green wall made that will span the backdrop of where you stand. Some flowers that you may want to consider are apple blossom, lavender, and roses due to their enjoyable and calming scent. 

Select a "shoes optional" space

One of the best zen ways to ground yourself and get rid of feelings of nervousness is to be able to take off your shoes and feel the ground. Whether this is sand or grass, the feeling of the ground is soothing. For a zen wedding feel, select a space where you and your guests can be shoes optional. This can be a private beach, a well-manicured field, or even a courtyard behind an interior wedding venue. Be sure that the lawn will be freshly cut or the beach will be properly cleaned to make sure that your guests are safe and can walk shoe-free without any issues. 

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