The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

The Secrets To Entertaining Guests, No Matter Who They Are

Using a Year-Round Haunted House for Profit: Tips for Haunting Appeal

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A haunted house is typically something people associate with the Halloween holiday, but people love being spooked or trying something new for a date night or day out with friends any time of the year. If you want a quirky way to make money while giving people a good fright, consider doing a haunted house all year long. You can do this by adding special features to make it more about spontaneity and less about the creepy and crawly. Here are tips to make a year-round haunted house a real hit in your community.

Have a night club appeal

A haunted house that features a night club the whole gang can enjoy with a dance floor, fun lighting, and a smooth DJ is bound to be a hit. The haunted aspect can lie entirely in surprise: the DJ can release sound effects throughout songs that are meant to startle and incite a few goosebumps, such as a wolf howl, a foghorn, or even a hooting owl. Furthermore, stage fog can float around the floor near tables and chairs, giving the night club an ethereal but not-so-creepy effect. You can add purple, magenta, blue, or even green lighting to the dim room to give it a more whimsical appeal that won't frighten young ones.

If a night club sounds too adult for your style, then you can consider doing a small eatery instead that is meant to be dimly lit with fog lighting. The eatery can feature a small menu of date-night fare, such as appetizers or a few pasta or pizza dishes, and guests can stay on the alert for the haunting sounds or sights they may see throughout their meal.

Add a difficult maze

A haunted corn or straw maze open year-round is a great way to bring in a crowd. You can have silhouetted figurines line the walls of the maze, or have tiny lanterns adorn the ceilings to dim the lighting to heighten the senses. At the end of the maze, have a bright sound with a flash of light startle guests while taking their picture for a fun and memorable keepsake they will never forget.

A haunted house doesn't have to be limited to a certain holiday. You can make money with this type of entertainment any time of the year. With the right venue and theme you can delight and spook guests of all ages for a hauntingly great time.


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